Our Services

Car Bumper Repair

Fast, friendly auto mobile bumper scratch repair. We put that pride back in your ride! Have scratches, dings, scuffs, cracks or punctures in your bumper? Our professional and well trained team offers full service scratch repair. Home or office, we come to you and it’s performed within 2-3 hours. (most cases) Your unsightly scratches to your vehicle is restored back to pre-accident condition with a full satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for your free and no obligation estimate.

Glue Pull Repair

Glue Pull Repair or “GPR” is a noninvasive dent repair technique. It works by gluing specially designed glue tabs to the outer panels of a vehicle in order to pull the dent out with a variety of specialized tools. Dents repaired in this manner have many benefits over traditional autobody repair techniques as it does not remove e-coatings and corrosion protection applied to the panel by the vehicle manufacturer allowing for cleaner repair that can reduce or completely eliminate the need for body filler or paint. GPR is just one of the many techniques utilized in paintless dent repair.


Headlight restoration

Have your headlights dimmed or cracked over the years? With foggy headlights, it’s not safe to drive at night, in poor weather, or during the darker days of winter. So be sure to have them fixed right away at your house or work. Dim headlights affect your safety at night. Fortunately, headlight repair is a relatively inexpensive service. That said, it isn’t necessarily something you should risk doing yourself. For instance, restoration often requires careful bulb replacement where the oils from your hand can harm the headlight’s performance. For service you can trust,


Saving Your Paint

Preservation of Original Paint Job Not only does PDR offer cost savings, but it also preserves the original paint job on a vehicle because there is no need for sanding or repainting. This makes PDR a great option for older vehicles that may have rare colors or special features that aren’t easy to replicate with a new paint job. It also ensures that resale value isn’t impacted by an unsightly paint job or the potential for rust due to improper painting techniques.

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